Monday, 21 May 2012

Rose Cupcakes

The other week I attempted roses on cupcakes with the Wilton #104 petal tip..... it looked..... Ok I guess, but not awesome. So I did some research (you tube) I found that you can do cheats roses with the Wilton #1M tip. Hooray!!!!!
Pretty looking cupcakes here I come!
I wanted to have a two tone effect, so I did my multi-coloured icing effect with 2 pinks and white and started piping.
Oooooohhhh, it looked pretty. The trick with the #1M tip when doing roses is to start from the middle. Same technique as a swirl, but the opposite way, inside out not outside in.
I made so many... and ate so many... and then tried different colourings, but I didn't like them :)

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